Rural Exposure Tour (Half-day Tour)
Point 1 : Tsing Ma Bridge

The Tsing Ma Bridge is the world's longest span suspension bridge carrying both road and railway traffic. The bridge towers were constructed by slip forming, and the heavy steel saddles lifted into position by jacks. You can enjoy the perfect view of this iconic structure with its picturesque landscape.

@ Point 2 :  Lok Ma Chau

Lok Ma Chau is a closed area and a buffer zone established by the Hong Kong government. You can overlook Shenzhen, one of the major city in China by the border.
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@ Point 3 :  Yuen Long

Yuen Long is a combination of both market town and the rural area. The market is a place for people from villages to shop and trade at the past. Now, the central part of Yuen Long does not have that kind of market anymore. On the contrary, Modern shopping malls and various types of restaurants are established.

Point 5  : Kam Tin

Kam Tin, formerly known as Sham tin is an area in the New Territories. It lies on a flat alluvial plain north of Tai Mo Shan mountain and east of Yuen Long town.

@ Point 5 : Chinese Dim Sum Lunch

Enjoy a delicious Chinese Dim-Sum lunch at Michelin Star neighbourhood restaurant to finish the half day tour before you head back to hotel. Authentic Chinese Tea will be served.

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