[Aberdeen Reservoir] is located in the [Aberdeen Country Park] in the south of Hong Kong Island, and is divided into [Upper Reservoir] and [Lower Reservoir]. [Lower Reservoir] was the private pond of Paper Factory, it was built in 1890. In the 1920s, in order to solve the problem of drinking water in the western area of Hong Kong Island, the Hong Kong government bought the private pond of Paper Factory, converted it into a public pond, and added [Upper Reservoir] upstream in 1931.

To [Aberdeen Reservoir], you can choose to exit at Exit A3 of the MTR [Wan Chai Station] and cross [Tai Yuen Street], you can see the [Old Wan Chai Post Office], and go straight up the slope on the left. Or take [Bus No. 15] and get off at [Wan Chai Gap Road], that can save a lot of time.

After going up the stairs, cross the road to the opposite side, and follow the signs to enter [Wan Chai Gap Road].

After entering [Wan Chai Gap Road], it is a oblique road, which takes about 20 minutes, and it is quite difficult.

There is a park at the end of [Wan Chai Gap Road] , you can take a break here.

Keep going, Proceed in the direction of the [Police Museum] and enter the [Wan Chai Nature Trail], which is also a difficult slope.

See the sign of [Holland Trail] on the way, don't turn in, walk along the road, and you will finish the ramp soon.

Arrived the main road.If you take the [Bus No. 15] you can get off nearby.

Go to the park, on the left of the park is the road to [Aberdeen Reservoir], and on the right is the road to [Police Museum].

According to the sign, turn right and come to the [Police Museum].


The very small scale [Police Museum] was established in 1976 in the Police Headquarters, and it was later moved to the Tai Sang Commercial Building in Wan Chai. In 1988, the Police Museum was further relocated to its present site on the Peak. - From [Police Museum] official website.

Field Gun

Nice view.

This gallery describes the general history of the Police Force through historical photographs and archives, uniforms, equipment, firearms and other artifacts.

Police car and equipment.

Significant exhibits include the stuffed head of the “Sheung Shui Tiger” which was shot in 1915 after killing two policemen.

Go to [Aberdeen Reservoir].

Cross the gate.

[Aberdeen Reservoir Road] All the way down the slope or the gentle road, it is effortless to walk.

Looking at [Aberdeen] from afar.

[Pine Crane Pavilion

Arrive at [Upper Reservoir].

Overlooking the sluice.


There is a small road leading to the [Lower Reservoir].

Go straight along the path.


Arrive at [Lower Reservoir].

Unexpectedly [Lower Reservoir] is not small at all.

After [Lower Reservoir], Go straight and can go to [Aberdeen].

Go down to the bus stop to take the bus to the city or MTR station. This trip took more than 2 hours. See you next time!

Some reference sources from The official website of the Police Museum and Wikipedia

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