Lung Ha Wan Country Trail

Lung Ha Wan Country Trail is well equipped with recreational facilities . The route is easy to plan and very suitable for citizens with a hectic urban life and hiking beginners who want a half-day getaway trip. Lying along the east coast of Clear Water Bay Country Park, which sticks out into the sea, the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail brings magnificent vistas of mountains and oceans together and it is not physically demanding. When you finish the route, not far from the finishing point, you will come across the Lung Ha Wan Rock Carving at the cliff. The rock carving, with patterns of birds and geometry and approximately 3,000 years of history, was discovered by tourists in 1978.

The whole journey is 6.5 kilometers and takes about 3.5 hours to complete (including take photo and break time).

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Transportation Information:
Transfer to bus No. 91 at Diamond Hill MTR Station and get off at "Tai Au Mun" bus stop.

"Tai Au Mun" bus stop.

Follow the direction of Clear Water Bay Country Park.

Go to the right.

Then walk straight along this road.

It takes about 20 minutes to walk from Tai Au Mun bus stop to the parking lot. Go to the right and there is a toilet. If you don't need it, you can go straight up in the direction of the arrow in the picture and you will see the entrance of the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail.

The entrance of the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail

You need to climb the stone ladder for 30 minutes, which is somewhat difficult.

Halfway through the mountain, you can already see the sea and mountains, and Po Toi O is in the middle of the opposite bank.

The beach on the right in the picture is the Clear Water Bay second beach.

Continue to climb, the friend in front used two trekking poles.

Reaching the top of the mountain, and the entrance to the top of the mountain happened to be a hole surrounded by trees.

Trigonometrical Station of Tai Leng Tung

You can see different islands, large and small, and the name of each island is also introduced on the viewing platform. Although today's haze affects the viewing, it also adds a bit of mystery.

The endless sea.

This rock is a popular photo spot.

Many people like to stand on this rock and take pictures.

After passing the top of Tai Leng Tung Mountain, the road behind became much easier.

The seaside village is Tai Hang Hau Village.

Looking towards the sea, you can see all kinds of islands. One of them is called Green Egg Island. You can guess which one it is, and the answer will be revealed later.

There is a "tortoise" and had to admire the extraordinary craftsmanship of nature.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery while walking down the road.

This island is Green Egg Island. Because its center is covered with green plants, it looks like an egg with green egg yolk, so it is called Green Egg Island.

When you see the racecourse, it means the end is not far away.

Down the mountain, you can continue to the direction indicated by the signs on the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail to the racecourse and the kite field.

This time we chose to go directly from the small road on the left of the toilet to the main road.

When you come to the main road, you need to walk for 40 minutes to get back to the Tai Au Mun stop. You can also choose to call a taxi. This time we chose to walk out.

Lung Ha Wan

After walking for about 10 minutes, notice that there is a road leading to the Lung Ha Wan Rock Carving on the right.

Go down the stone ladder.

Discovered in 1978 by a group of hikers, the Lung Ha Wan Rock Carving is located on a vertical face of a badly weathered boulder facing east. The design shows geometric patterns, some may resemble stylised animals or bird forms. There is though another school of thought suggesting that it is purely the work of nature. While this academic discussion still continues, the rock carving, or pattern, has been protected under the Antiquities & Monuments Ordinance. This would allow the opportunity for it to be further studied.Rock Carving at Lung Ha Wan was declared a monument in 1983.

Lung Ha Wan Rock Carving

After that, walk along the main road until Tai Au Mun bus stop.


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