Sai Kung Day Tour

Sai Kung Town or simply Sai Kung is a town on Sai Kung Peninsula, facing Sai Kung Hoi (Inner Port Shelter),
part of Sai Kung District in the New Territories, Hong Kong. Sai Kung is the central hub of nearby surrounding
villages, Therefore, there are many restaurants and shops, m any people come here on holidays.

Transportation Information:
You can take the MTR to Diamond Hill Station and transfer to bus No. 92, from the Departure statio n to the Terminal . The picture below shows the Sai Kung Bus Terminal

Sai Kung Waterfront Park is next to the bus stop.

One corner of the park is Volcano Discovery Centre.

There is no volcanic disaster in Hong Kong today, which is a blessed place. However, the situation was completely differ ent 140 million years ago, when an extremely violent volcanic eruption actually occurred here. One of the purposes of the establishment of the Volcano Discovery Hall is to allow citizens and tourists to better understand this geological history. There are some volcanic rocks here.

A huge amount of volcanic ash and lava spewed forth during a series of violent volcanic eruptions, forming the spectacular hexagonal volcanic rock columns. Compared with other places in the world, the hexagonal volcanic rock pill ars in Sai Kung, Hong Kong cover a wider area and are larger in volume.

After coming out of the Volcano Discovery Hall, go straight through the waterfront park and arrive at Sai Kung Pier. There are many boat owners near the pier offering island tours, star ting from the Sai Kung pier to the nearby islands. You can wait until you finish visiting downtown Sai Kung and then go there after lunch.

This is the unique way of selling seafood in Sai Kung. The customers are on the shore and the shop is on the boat.

There is also a famous seafood street near Sai Kung Pier, which is full of seafood shops. You can face the sea and taste seafood delicacies.

On Man Nin Street in Sai Kung, there are also many murals.

This Tin Hau Temple is said to have a history of more th an one hundred years and now is listed as a Grade II historical building.

After lunch, you can go back to the pier to see the itinerary of today's boatman, compare and choose your favorite itinerary, most of the price is reasonable.

Today we choose to go to Sharp Island there is a mysterious trail there.

Let ’s Go.

It takes about 20 minutes to reach Sharp Island.

From a distance, you can see a road between the island and the island.

This is the mysterious trail , c alled Tombolo. When the tide is high, the seawater will submerge theTombolo. You must refe r to the tide forecast of the Observatory before setting out to predict the tide time. Otherwise it is possible that when you arrive, you will find that the Tombolo is missing.

“Pineapple Bun Quartz Monzonite. Weathering causes miner als in t he oyter layers of the rocks to expand or contract , results in the outer layer of the rocks peeling off like the layers of an oni on. The quartz monzonite resembles the surface of a pineapple bun due to exfoliation.

Sharp Island is part of Ho ng Kong UNESCO Global Geopark.

Climb over this small hill to the lighthouse location.

Unfortunately, the high tide time has come, and the road to the lighthouse has been submerged by sea water, so I can only take a picture from a distance.

On the return journey, part of Tombolo was submerged by the sea.

You can continue to explore the island, or return to the pier to wait for the boat to return to Sai Kung.

Some information come from the Internet.

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