Shing Mun Country Park: Paperbark Tree Forest and Reservoir landscape

The Shing Mun Country Park (established 24 June 1977) is a country park of Hong Kong, located in the central New Territories, it covers a total of 14 square kilometres (5.4 sq mi). It extends from Lead Mine Pass in the north, to the Shing Mun catchwater road in the south, and from Tai Mo Shan in the west to Grassy Hill and Needle Hill in the east. This time we visit Paperbark Tree Forest and Shing Mun Reservoir are in Shing Mun Country Park.

Transportation Information:

Walk from MTR Tsuen Wan Station to Chung On Street, transfer to minibus No. 82, and get off at the terminal Shing Mun Country Park.

Terminal: Shing Mun Country Park

Start from the side stairs.

Enter the Pineapple Dam Nature Education Trail. This nature education trail is located next to the Shing Mun Reservoir. Long before the government built the Shing Mun Reservoir, the surrounding area was rich in pineapples, so after the completion of the reservoir, it was called "Pineapple Dam" by the Hakka villagers at the time.

Go straight up the steps.

The initial part is mostly dirt road, but the road condition is flat.

The Reservoir is emerging.

Cross the bridge.

One road goes straight.

There will be picnic sites for rest along the way.

The second half of the Pineapple Dam Nature Education Trail is mostly this kind of forest trail.

Mountain creek.

After the Pineapple Dam Nature Education Trail is completed, continue along the road.

There will be some monkeys along the way, remember not to tease him, put food in your backpack as much as possible.

Shing Mun Reservoir.

This picnic site has been occupied by cattle.

Paperbark Tree Forest Trail, this is the first check-in point of this trip, both sides of the road are planted with Paperbark Tree.

After leaving Paperbark Tree Forest Trail, pay attention to the right hand side, turn a turn and you will reach the pondside.

Go down this staircase to the Paperbark Tree pondside.

Paperbark Tree pondside – This is the second check-in point. The scenery is pleasant and many people will take wedding photos here.

If the water level is high, there will be a flooded landscape of Paperbark Tree.

After leaving Paperbark Tree pondside, you will pass a large green area, where the original site is Cheung Uk Village.

There were once eight Hakka villages in the Shing Mun valley. Before the construction of the reservoir, the inhabitants were resettled in other areas such as Kam Tin and Yue Kok. During dry season, when the water is low, the ruins of the villages resurface and one may walk along the shore to visit the past.

Keep going. When you pass picnic site No.12, pay attention to the entrance on the right.

Entrance to the pondside of No.12 Picnic Site.

The third check-in point, the pondside of No.12 Picnic Site.

If the water level is high, he pondside of No.12 Picnic Site may be submerged.

All three check-in points have been completed. You can return to the minibus station on the same route, or you can choose to continue walking to complete a circle around the Shing Mun Reservoir.

See you next time!

CCT - MAX 27/08/2020

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