[Tai Kwun] The name "Tai Kwun" in Chinese means "big station", the colloquial name used by police officers and the public alike to refer to the former law enforcement complex. In fact, as early as the 1880s, the name Tai Kwun has been recorded in news articles in reference to the former Central Police Station.
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Visitors can enter via a footbridge at the intersection of Hollywood Road and Old Bailey Street, which connects the comp ound with the Central to Mid Levels Escalator.

Completed in 1919, the [Police Headquarters Block] is one of the most impressive heritage buildings in [Tai Kwun].

The architectural styles of the two sides are different, and the side facing the Parade ground is dominated by red brick buildings.

The side facing of Hollywood Road, is dominated by white brick buildings.

The mango trees in the square is more than 60 years old. It is said that mango trees bear fruit every 2-3 years, and every time the police force will have a major event or personnel promotion.

[Gun Room] has been changed to a restaurant.

[Barrack Block] The Barrack Block was one of the oldest buildings on the site and built between 1862 and 1864, The Barrack Block is now home to the Main Heritage Gallery and a Heritage Storytelling Space with areas for the visitor centre, shops and restaurants.

Some shops and restaurants are already open and the old stairs remain in the building.

The footbridge connecting [Barrack Block] and [Prison] is one of the popular take picture places in [Tai Kwun].

[Court yard] is a place in front of [Central Magistracy].

The [Central Magistracy] is one of the most historically significant buildings on site.Originally established in the 1840s, it underwent two reconstructions. The current structure was built in 1914.

The [Court Room] No.1 now be used as a Heritage Storytelling Space.

[A Hall]

[B Hall] was constructed in 1910 and was used as a prison cell block.It now serves as a Heritage Storytelling Space, with its existing state maintained in order to provide visitors with an authentic impression of historical prison conditions.

Prison cell block for three person.

You can enter and experience it.

[B Hall]

[JC Contemporary] is one of the two new buildings , houses exhibition spaces as well as a viewing terrace and a restaurant.

The outer wall of [F Hall] is also one of the popular photograph places, it was a prison facility for Prisoner Admission—also known as the "fingerprinting room".

Procedures for prisoner registration.

Prisoner registration is also known as [Prisoners Admission].

At the end of the corridor, there are walls for prisoners to measure their height and take photos, which is also one of the popular place.

[Prison yard] now has become a small park with a quiet environment. The building on the left hand side is [JC Cube], which is also one of the new buildings.

[Prison High Wall], there are residential houses around the prison. At that time, not only for the safety of the prison, but also for blocking the view, the fence was raised many times.

[Prison High Wall]

Red Brick [E Hall], there are also many people take picture here.

[Laundry Steps] has been renovated as a walking staircase, where movies can be shown.

[Laundry Steps] is the most popular take picture place in [Tai Kwun].

You can have a rest in [Lower E hall].

It is one of gate : [Pottinger Gate].

[Police Headquarters Block] the side facing of Hollywood Road, can see [No. 10 Hollywood Road] written on the wall.

[Tai Kwun] as a new attraction in Hong Kong, [Tai Kwun] is the Centre for Heritage and Arts, a place of inspiration, stimulation and enjoyment for all Hong Kong people. [Tai Kwun] aspires to offer the best heritage and arts experiences, and to cultivate knowledge and appreciation of contemporary art, performing arts and history in the community. See you next time!

Part of information comes from the official website of [Tai kwun].

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