Top of Hong Kong: Tai Mo Shan

Rising 957 metres above sea level, Tai Mo Shan is Hong Kongs highest peak and is visible from many parts of the city. Despite its elevation, Tai Mo Shan is accessible by foot, with several hiking trails meandering around the summit. This time we chose the easiest route to climb Tai Mo Shan.

Transportation Information:
MTR Tsuen Wan Station -> BUS No.51 -> Tai Mo Shan Country

After exiting from Exit A of MTR Tsuen Wan Station, go straight up the stairs on the left. Bus stop No. 51 is located above the flyover.

In front is the bus stop station No. 51. Bus No. 51 runs sparsely on weekdays. Sometimes it runs every half an hour, and sometimes it runs every hour. Remember to check the bus schedule in advance before departure.

Get off at Tai Mo Shan Country Park Station and walk in the opposite direction.

Walk for about 2 minutes and you will reach the bifurcation road.

Depart in the direction of the Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Center.

The route we chose this time is the easiest route. All are made of cement roads and the slope is relatively gentle. But it is also a traffic lane, so you need to pay attention cars.

Walk up for a few minutes to reach this parking lot, cars can park here.

There are snack kiosk and toilet next to the parking lot. There is only one supply station for the snack kiosk for this trip.

Snack kiosk

Visitor center of Tai Mo Shan Country Park. There are two roads up to the mountainside of Tai Mo Shan, one is the MacLehose Trail, which has more steps and mountain roads; the other is to go up the Tai Mo Shan Road, the whole way is a cement road. Since we chose the easiest route this time, we will continue to walk up Tai Mo Shan Road.

The front section of Tai Mo Shan Road has a gentle slope with shade.

Came to Tai Mo Shan picnic site No. 3, if you chose the MacLehose Trail at the beginning, you will eventually arrive at No. 3.

This is the exit of MacLehose Trail.

The viewing location here is blocked by trees, but don't worry, you can walk up a little bit and reach the viewing platform, it will be surprised.

The location of the two spherical buildings is the end of this trip to Tai Mo Shan. It seems that there is still a long way to go.

When you come to a small hill, you can go straight up to Tai Mo Shan picnic site No. 4, which is also the location of the observation deck.

Observation deck. It overlooks Yuen Long, Kam Tin, Pat Heung, and even farther away you can see Shenzhen, which is very spectacular.

This is one of the popular hot point in Tai Mo Shan.

From here, unauthorized vehicles are prohibited entering.

In the direction of Tsuen Wan and Tsing Yi, there was haze in this direction that day.

The direction of Tai Po is clearer.

The big rock on the way is also one of the most popular places to take picture.

Weather radar station, the end of this trip to Tai Mo Shan, and then return to the same way.

Starting from Tai Mo Shan Country Park Station, it takes about two and a half hours to arrive at the weather radar station (including rest and taking pictures).

Hope that next time we can try other routes to climb Tai Mo Shan.



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