Chuen Lung Village -> Tsuen Wan Hiking

This time we recommend an easy to complete hiking route, starting from Chuen Lung Village at the foot of Tai Mo Shan and go to the urban area of Tsuen Wan.
Route: Chuen Lung Village -->Western Monastery -->Lo Wai Village
         -->Shek Wai Kok Road -->Tsuen Wan MTR Station

The distance is about 5 to 6 kilometers. If you don't enter the Western Monastery, it will take about 2 hours.
Transportation Information: Tsuen Wan Minibus No.80

Route map


From the junction of Shiu Wo Street and Chuen Lung Street in Tsuen Wan, take the minibus No. 80 to the terminal station Chuen Lung Village. The journey takes about 15 minutes.

Go in the opposite direction of the tea house.

It takes about 5 minutes to reach the starting point of Chuen Lung Family Walk.

It only takes about 10 minutes to go around.

Road conditions

There is a viewing platform at the highest point.

Overlooking Tsing Yi and Tsuen Wan.

After completing the Chuen Lung Family Walk, return to the place where you just got off and walk in the direction of the tea house. This route is in good conditio n and there are not too many ups and downs. It can be completed easily, and it can pass the Western Monastery on the way. You can also start a relaxing half day tour after drinking tea here.

The first part is all this kind of cement road, it is very easy to walk.

It takes about 15 minutes to arrive at the AFCD management centre.

At this time, there are two roads to choose from, the left is to the Heung Shek Cemetery, and the right is the road to Tsuen Wan.

Follow the signs.

Although it is a mountain road, but smooth road conditions.

You can rest in this pavilion.

This picnic site also has an observation deck.

Observation deck & Trigonometrical Station

Next to the Tai Mo Shan picnic site No. 1 is the stairs leading to the catchwater. There are 1200 steps in total. Fortunately, we went down the mountain instead of up the mountain.

Connected to the catchwater.

There is a road behind the pavilion that leads directly to the Western Monastery.

After going down the stairs, in addition to passing the Western Monastery, you can also pass the Yuen Yuen Institute.

If you don’t want to continue walking, you can take the minibus outside Yuen Yuen Institute to return to the urban area of Tsuen Wan. If you continue walking, you can go to the Western Monastery to see.

The main gate of the Western Monastery. Western Monastery was built in 1972 by Elder Yong Xing, the chairman of the Hong Kong Bodhi Society, a Buddhist organization. Behind is Tai Mo Shan, in front is Sam Dip Tam. Today, the Western Monastery has become one of the most famous temples. Now the Abbot of the Western Monastery is Shi Kuanyun.

The Palace of Heavenly Kings is magnificent. The Hall of Heavenly Kings enshrines Maitreya Bodhisattva and the four heavenly kings, namely, the King of Chiguo, the King of Zengzhang, the King of Guangmu, and the King of Duowen.

Western Monastery

The monument to the expansion of the Western Monastery. The dragon head tortoise below is said to be the first of the nine sons of the dragon: Bixi . Common in the form of supporting a stone tablet.

Western Monastery

Tens of thousands Buddhas pagoda.

The statue on the wall is vivid.

Lotus Pond

Ci En Pavilion

Guanyin Mountain

The back of the Western Monastery gate: Reach the other shore together.

Western Monastery

After leaving the Western Monastery, walk straight down the slope.

There is a stairs opposite store, and go down the stairs.

This temple resembles a ship.

After entering the Lo Wai Village, there are signs along the way, follow the signs to go to the urban area of Tsuen Wan.

After leaving Lo Wai Village, walk along the footbridge.

Follow Shek Wai Kok Road to the city center.

After lunch, you can go for a walk in Tak Wah Park in Tsuen Wan (click here).


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