Hong Kong Museum of History 「The Hong Kong Story」

Welcoming more than ten million visitors over the past 18 years,「The Hong Kong Story 」permanent exhibition has enjoyed an enthusiastic response from both local and overseas visitors since it opened in 2001. The exhibition will be temporarily closed from 19 Oct 2020 for an extensive revamp. 

「The Hong Kong Story」 comprises 8 galleries located on two floors: The Natural Environment, Prehistoric Hong Kong, The Dynasties: From the Han to the Qing, Folk Culture in Hong Kong, The Opium Wars and the Cession of Hong Kong, Birth and Early Growth of the City, The Japanese Occupation, Modern Metropolis and the Return to China. 

The Natural Environment - In this area, rocks and fossils are used to demonstrate the topography of Hong Kong through the succession of geological periods in the last 400 million years. 

Emerging from the narrow tunnel, visitors are plunged in an instant into a forest of towering trees as high as 18 metres, with many specimens of birds, reptiles and mammals. This ecosystem in microcosm introduces Hong Kong's flora and fauna of 6,000 years ago and their relationships with the natural environment. 

Prehistoric Hong Kong - Archaeology yields ample evidence of human activities in Hong Kong 6,000 years ago, i.e. the Neolithic period. Exhibits in this area include prehistoric artefacts of stone, pottery and bronze. 

The Dynasties: From the Han to the Qing - This gallery outlines the development of Hong Kong from the Qin and Han to Qing dynasties through the relics preserved in the territory and on loan from Shenzhen. 

Folk Culture in Hong Kong - This gallery introduces the colourful customs of four ethnic groups of Hong Kong and South China. Stepping onto a life-size replica of a fishing junk, visitors can examine closely the Boat Dwellers' living conditions, and learn about their customs and beliefs. 

The museum restored The Tang Ancestral Hall, which is one of the largest ancestral hall in Hong Kong and The Tang Ancestral Hall was declared a monument in 2001. 

Tin Hau Temple

Hakka peasant family's dwelling, the sparseness of the furnishings reflects the Hakka people's frugal life style. 

Local marriage customs. 

The Cantonese Opera theatre and The lion dance 

The Opium Wars and the Cession of Hong Kong - This gallery outlines the Opium Wars, their causes, the way they unfolded and the consequences. 

Lin Ze Xu - The destruction of opium at Humen began on 3 June 1839 and involved the destruction of 1,000 long tons (1,016 t) of illegal opium seized from British traders under the aegis of Lin Zexu, an Imperial Commissioner of Qing China. 

「Destruction of opium at Humen」 demo model 

Birth and Early Growth of the City - The Victoria Harbour between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula is one of the few ports in East Asia with wide and deep natural harbors, which has strategic value. 

Behind the harbour are a european style structure, an old street scene lined with a variety of shops. 


Tea shop

Grocery store

Tailor's shop

The classic postbox

There is even a double-decker tram.

A tragic fire that broke out on Christmas night devastated the squatter area in Shek Kip Mei, making more than 50 000 people homeless overnight.The government immediately built two-storey bungalows on the site to provide temporary shelter to the victims. 

Canton teahouse


On the corner outside the barber shop is a comic book stall. Children can read comic books for free when they wait in line for a haircut.

The renovation project lasts about two years, and look forward to the new scene after the renovation.

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