Roaming Kowloon Reservoirs Group

The Kowloon Reservoirs
G roup is located in the Kam Shan Country Park, north of Kowloon, Hong Kong. They include: Kowloon Reservoir, Kowloon Byewash Reservoir, Kowloon Reception Reservoir . Also located in the Kam Shan Country Park is the Shek Lei Pui Reservoir. Kowloon Reservoir s Group Trail is one of the popular entry routes for hiking. It is less than six kilometers away. There are trees and shades along the way, and not many ups and do wns. It is easy to walk. You can visit four reservoir in one time, the transportation is also very convenient.

Transportation Information:
Bus No.72 Cheung Sha Wan Tai Wo Bus Terminus
Bus No.81 Jordan Wo Che

Get off at Shek Lei Pui ReservoirBus Station

Tai Po Road -> Kowloon Byewash Reservoir -> Kowloon Reception Reservoir -> Shek Lei Pui Reservoir -> Kowloon Reservoir  -> Tai Po Road
The whole journey takesabout 2 hours. 

Getting off the bus, you can see a statue of a monkey. There is a chance to meet wild monkeys on this route. Remember to put food and water in your backpack to avoid snatching by monkeys. The monkeys here are not afraid of people and need to be careful. 

Go down along Cheung Yuen Road. 

Walk along the left and the picnic area on the right. 

Soon we reach the "Kowloon Byewash Reservoir". In winter, there is less rain and there seems to be not much water in the reservoir. 

The "Kowloon Byewash Reservoir" was constructed in 1929 and completed in 1931. 

After passing the "Kowloon Byewash Reservoir", follow the small road on the right. 

You can see the start and end points of the "Kowloon Reception Reservoir" jogging track. You can walk on both sides, and you will reach the branch road to the "Shek Lei Pui Reservoir" faster when you walk on the starting point, but this time I choose to start from the end point. 

"Kowloon Reception Reservoir" jogging track end point. 

"Kowloon Reception Reservoir"

"Kowloon Reception Reservoir" was completed in 1926. 

Next, we need to walk a forest path. Fortunately, there is less rain at this time. If it is rainy season, the road will be muddy. 

After seeing the signs, go up the steps to the "Shek Lei Pui Reservoir". 

"Shek Lei Pui Reservoir" 

Look into the direction of "Kwai Chung". 

The monkey sits on the side of the road, and as long as it sees food, it will snatch it. 

When walking along the "Shek Lei Pui Reservoir", you will find that some roads can walk directly to the side of the reservoir. 

Get close to the reservoir.

I don't know where this duck came from. 

Continue to follow the path to "Golden Hill Road ", which leads directly to "Kowloon Reservoir".

On the "Golden Hill Road" picnic location, the two monkey statues fully reflect the situation here. 

"Kowloon Reservoir" 

"Kowloon Reservoir" 

"Kowloon Reservoir" was completed in 1910. 

After passing the main dam of "Kowloon Reservoir", continue along " Golden Hill Road " to "Tai Po Road" and
take the bus back. 


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