Leung Tin Au Valley

"Leung Tin Au" refers to a mountain valley above Tuen Mun Shan King Estate and Leung King Estate. Due to long-term weathering and erosion, a canyon has been formed and has become a popular hiking hotspot. It is also known as the Hong Kong version of the Grand Canyon. It is often called "Pineapple Mountain Canyon". In fact, according to official maps, "Leung Tin Au Valley" is a more appropriate name.

Transportation Information:
MTR West Rail Line Siu Hong Station -> Light Rail No.615 -> San Wai Stop

MTR West Rail Line Siu Hong Station Exit B.

The light rail station is just across the road from Exit B of Siu Hong Station.

Light Rail No.615

After getting off at San Wai Station, walk in the opposite direction and cross the railway to enter Leung King estate. The trail is on the other side of the estate.

After passing through Leung King Estate, you can see a road, which is the Castle Peak Army Road, is also the starting point for the Leung Tin Au Valley.

Most of this road is a slope, but fortunately, almost the whole road is a concrete road, so as long as you walk slowly, it will not be too difficult.

There is a pavilion here called "Pineapple Mountain Pavilion". I don't know if this is the reason, so the "Leung Tin Au Valley" is called "Pineapple Mountain Valley" ?

There is a big iron gate and a blue warning sign on this road to warn people that in front is the shooting range.

The People's Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison issued a notice in 2017 stating that the area around the Castle Peak Range is a military restricted zone, and ordinary people are prohibited from entering, and the big iron gate is locked. However, the road is the main route for nearby residents' daily leisure walks and exercises, and the door locks are often cut. Later, the large iron gate was opened. If there is a target practice in the shooting range, a red warning sign will be displayed to inform the public, and the road will be closed.

Looking back at Tuen Mun.

There are some stone chairs and tables built by nearby residents spontaneously by the roadside for rest.

After coming to this small flatland, there will be three roads, left to the Castle Peak; the middle and right roads are both to the valley, the middle road is easier to walk, so we choose the middle road.

There is another resting place.

Looking back at Castle Peak.

Next, it will turn a big turn, and then to another hill.

After reaching another hill, the weathered and eroded appearance can already be seen.

You can also look Shenzhen into the distance from here.

Behind the warning sign is Leung Tin Au Valley. There is a warning sign, then must be a reason. So whether you are visiting or taking photos, you must pay more attention to the road under your feet to avoid danger.

Leung Tin Au Valley

The valley is more than 20 meters deep, so be careful.

The range of the Leung Tin Au Valley is slowly expanding.

Choose two check point and end today's journey.

You can go back the same way, or you can go down in the direction of Ha Pak Nai, which is a good place to watch the sunset. However, it was cloudy today, so we chose to go back the same way.

The journey will take about 2 hours (not counting the return journey).



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