[Stanley] Located in the seaside town on the south side of Hong Kong Island, a famous tourist spot in Hong Kong, also a historical place. It used to be the military base of the British army and the administrative center of Hong Kong Island.

[Stanley Plaza Station]
Bus No.973: Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui <--> Stanley Plaza
Bus No.6、6X、260: Central Trading Plaza <--> Stanley Plaza
Bus No.63: North Point Ferry Terminal <--> Stanley Plaza

After getting off the bus, you will see the observation deck of [Stanley Plaza], where you can see the [ Murray House ] and Blake Pier.

[Stanley Plaza] is a five story shopping mall with supermarkets, restaurants and boutiques.

[Stanley Plaza] There are many restaurants to choose from.

These stone pillars were originally the stone pillars of Veranda in Shanghai Street, Mong Kok. [ Tung Cheong Pawn Shop ] is an old pawnshop on Shanghai Street. The area was rebuilt into Langham Place in the 1990s, and the stone pillars were move d to Stanley.

[Murray House] is a 160-year old restored three-storey colonial building which was originally located in Central and reassembled to Stanley in early 2000’s. It is one of Hong Kong’s longest surviving buildings and has become an iconic landmark in Hong Kong which now houses a delectable range of restaurants.

[Murray House]

[Tin Hau Temple, Stanley]

[Blake Pier at Stanley]

[Blake Pier at Stanley] is a public dock located next to [Stanley Plaza]. The first generation of [Blake Pier] was located in [Central] and was built in 1920. Later moved to [Stanley]. At present, there are boats going to [Po Toi Island].

The pier is pleasantly landscaped with sea breeze, and does not feel hot even in summer.

One side of the pier looks towards [Stanley Main Street].

Many people stopped here and have a rest.

There will be fewer people on weekdays.

There are bars and western restaurants in [Stanley Main Street]. On a hot summer day, you can
drink a glass of cold beer before setting off.

[Murray House] and [Blake Pier at Stanley].

The yellow house [the boathouse] on [Stanley Main Street] was originally blue. It was rumored to be changed to yellow due to feng shui problems, and it has already become a landmark of [Stanley Main Street].

[the boathouse]

[Stanley Promenade]

You can go to the coast to take photos, but pay attention to safety.

[Stanley Market]

A variety of small shops and stalls sell a variety of clothing, Chinese crafts and handicrafts, etc. Many people find their favorite items here.

[Eight House] 

[Stanley Military Cemetery]

[Stanley Military Cemetery]

[Stanley Military Cemetery]

For the return trip, you can take the bus at [Stanley Bus Terminal].
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