Declared Monuments in Hong Kong: Tung Chung Fort

Tung Chung Fort, referred to in the Qing Dynasty as the Tung Chung Suocheng (Tung Chung Battalion), was the naval headquarters of the Right Battalion of Dapeng. The carved granite slab above the entrance gives the date of the Fort as 1832. In 1898 when the New Territories was leased to Britain, the Fort was evacuated by the Qing authorities, then occupied, first as a police station, and then by Wa Ying College, the Rural Committee Office and the Public Primary School of Tung Chung.Tung Chung Fort was declared a monument in 1979.

There are six still intact old muzzle-loading cannons, each resting on a cement base with enclosures made of granite blocks, which measure 70 by 80 metres (230 by 260 ft). Three arched gateways, each engraved with a Chinese inscription, are spaced along the walls.

Go through the 「 Gung San Door」 can see the Public Primary School of Tung Chung first as a police station, and then by Wa Ying College and the Rural Committee Office.

The school playground and basketball court are still retained.

There are six still intact old muzzle-loading cannons on「 Gung San Door」 .

The body of the gun is engraved with Chinese characters and the year of manufacture is written. According to scholars' textual research, the six cannons are not original forts, but were moved from different forts for decoration.

Fort defense wall.

Fort defense wall.

The location of Tung Chung Fort is very close to Tung Chung Hau Wong Temple. Hau Wong Temple was builtin 1765, it is the largest Hau Wong temple in Lantau island. This was invited by local villagers from KowloonCity Hou wang Temple, in order to subdue the plague. Now is a Grade I historic buildings in Hong Kong.

CCT MAX - 31/07/2020

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