Peak Circle Walk, go to Pinewood Battery and go down the hill by Hatton Road

Last time Max visit the Peak Circle Walk and take a circle around the Peak. This time we start from Harlech Road and go to the middle part.

According to the sign, Max choose Hatton Road to go to the direction of Pinewood Battery.

This section all is slopes, walk careful is very important important.

The sign is clear.

Now that we are near the Pinewood Battery, let's go to explore it.

There has Visiting Rules in the entrance, everyone please obey the rules.

In the first , you can see the war shelters . Standing here, the environment will make you feel like a soldier at the time.

Battery command post and magazine are close and only allow outside look.

Observation post. Safe consideration , not visit of it.

Gun platform. There is no roof so inspect of it is no problem.

There is a large flat place near Pinewood Battery. There has some chairs and tables for client to have a rest. Through the picture, two tourists bask in the sun, sure they enjoy the winter afternoon.

On the way down of the hill, I also passed the Lung Fu Shan Country Park. Due to the time limited, I did not chose to enter of it. I will try to find one more time to explore of it.

Victoria Harbour View.

Hatton Road City Boundary stone - CLICK

When we reach Hatton Road Sitting-out Area , it means we are arrive the destination.

Keep going.

Go down the hill smoothly. There is a bus station in the road side.

The itinerary takes about 1 hour , it is better to prepare 1.5 hours. There is no supply station on the way, remember to prepare food and water before departure.

CCT - Max 04/12/2019

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